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  1. Numele tău din joc: [GFX]hatred. ID personalizat: 250312 La cine ţi-ai făcut personalizatul?: personal Ce problemă are personalizatul?: trebuiau scoşi umerii şi alte detalii de pe el, ţi-am lăsat gr2-ul bun pe discord Alte detalii: --
  2. Full name: Robert Florin Character name: [GFX]hatred. Discord: hatred#7777 Have you ever been sanctioned in the game? If so, why?: No. Played time (screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/MW8IW6Z How many hours are you able to be active per day?: depends. usually, around 5 to 6 hours per day. The languages you're fluent at (Writing & Speaking): Romanian, English and Italian Have you ever been a staff member on another team?(If so, what position did you have in your previous experience and for how long): Yes, I have been part of the Demera2 Staff for around 6 months (INT/CM/GM and GA). How long have you been playing Demera2?: Since last year's summer (June/July 2020). What do you think about the server?: I think it is one of the most dynamic PvP servers as it had its' own problems and still managed to cope with a lot of internal problems. Why would be a good fit to Demera2?: Well, if I'll get the Chat Moderator rank, I'll also stick to my GFX job, so I think the server would benefit from two things at once Can you cope in a stressful environment? (If so, why do you think so): Because I'm a rational person, I think I can cope with stressful situations and I can also come with problem solving solutions. Describe your approach to a problem: I'd get to know the situation itself first (like, put myself in that situation before I give someone a specific answer) and then I would ask what the person also thinks about the situation and how we can come to an agreement. Do you consider yourself a mature person?: Most of the times, yes Specify your age and tell us a few things about yourself: I'm currently 18, I'm studying an IT course in Newcastle (UK) and I'm thinking to go into University after this last year of college. I listen to music most of the times to relax my thoughts after a stressful day.
  3. insist, cel mai server administrator de pe server şi totodată cea mai frumoasă fată
  4. În topicul ăsta voi posta seturile făcute-n fiecare săptămână pentru jucătorii de pe server. Cine doreşte să ia legătura cu mine, mă găsiţi pe discordul hatred#7777 .
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